Sunday, January 4, 2009


I've been glued to the Tv since last Saturday when the unimaginable became imaginable:a Gaza Holocaust.I was livid and frustrated but i kept thinking that America would stop it.UN would do something.The Arab leagues would send troops.I waited.Come Sunday,nothing.OK,maybe they are preparing,maybe they are in a meeting,plotting how they would bring the Zionist state(I don't recognize Israel) to their knees and send them back to Germany and America.I was so gullible thinking that anyone would stand for Muslims being massacred.Heck,I bet that Bush and Obama were crunching on some chips or popcorn infront of the tv,pointing fingers at dying children and mothers,laughing at the demonstrators.
It might be a bit too much,but that's my sentiments.
Last time i checked,the death toll was at 500,the injured over 2400.500 lives that were guiltlessly,carelessly bombed away.Lives that held love,memories,stories,dreams for the world to share.Lives that tried to go on,without a recognized,liberalized country that is given colour and fragrance through their parents' memory of a Palestine that existed before it was snatched away.
If someone that shows hatred for Jews is called anti-semit,then what is a Jew massacring Muslims called?A Hero?

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